Filip Blom Portfolio


Unity games


Escape is a 3D sidescrolling platformer where you solve puzzles as you try to escape from an evil entity, but you find yourself only getting more and more stuck as you go deeper and deeper down underground. Escape is a School project that is being made in the course SP:PROJ (Game Project) at Stockholm University.

For this project I've created all 3D-models and textures, except for the character made by Giovanni Bortolotti, I've also been a part of the level design process.

Download game (178MB).


RacingGame was made in a 20h long game jam in 2017 by me and two class mates. We had to remake a level from the game "Rock N Roll Racing" with 3D graphics. Our version of the game is a 1-4 player local multiplayer game where you drive cars and shoot at eachother, competing in who can cross the finish line first. Before each match you can select between two different cars and two different weapons. In addition to the weapon you choose, all cars can lay down mines that will make opponents who drive over them explode.

For this game jam I created all 3D models, texturing, level design and some basic C# scripting.

Download game (61MB).

Wizard vs Robots

Wizard vs Robots, is a action and tower defense game made during a 24h game jam. In this game you must defend the power crystal from suicidal robots by placing three different traps through the corridors and using you magical staff that shoots three different spells.

For this project I created all 3D-models, textures and animations.

Download game (18MB).


DungeonCrawler is a prototype project that incorporates 10 accessability guidelines into its design. You play as the office guy with hallucinations, that fights his way through dungeons with his briefcase on the hunt for keys to unlock treasures.

For this project I created the characters, animations, some props and UI elements.

Download game (18MB).

HTML5 games

Vem där?

HTML5 game

Vem där? (Guess who?) is my gesample game for the web client course at Stockholm University. It's a quiz game where you'll try to figure out which famous football player I'm looking for. You have 60 seconds to figure out each player. Every 20 seconds you'll get a new clue but you don't get as much points if you guess right. If you manage with only 1 clue, you'll get 6 points, 2 clues give 4 points, 3 clues 2 points and if you fail to guess who it is you don't get 0 points.

This was a solo project, all HTML, CSS and javaScript was written by me. The background is the only asset not created by me.

Play it here! (Swedish)

Wartime history

HTML5 game

The game Wartime history is a game whose focus is on linking historical facts with the correct answer to a game plan. What we have chosen to teach with "war time history" are facts from the war events between the years 1914-1945. To link the historical facts, the player must draw a path between question and answer, but the paths drawn should not cross other drawn paths.

I created this HTML5 game together my class mate Tobias Tellberg. For this project I created all the visual assets for the game but we wrote the HTML, CSS and javaScript together.

Play it here!